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Return of Mostly Harmless?

I think I've actually made a new friend?

The question mark exists because I'm hesitant; I tend to "make friends" fairly easily but then there's never any continuity or depth or development of that friendship and it just perpetually sits at the casual-friend-I-sometimes-talk-to stage. Which, really, is little more than an acquaintence.

But this possibly real friend is also a writer. And it seems all the friends-that-stick are writers, at least so far. Not sure what to make of that pattern yet, but it's there. And in the process of trying to find some of my own writing to show them (online, somewhere) I realised I've accidentally completely abandoned my D&D novelisation project.

Somewhere in the middle trying to find a writing platform that worked for me, I had been using Wattpad (what writer doesn't give it a try at some point?) and had posted 5 or 6 chapters. It was meant to be the project that would ease me back into my writing habit after my burn out. I left Wattpad for Twitter, left Twitter for this blog, left this blog for Medium, and then left Medium for this blog and completely forgot about Wattpad. Which means I have things in Wattpad to migrate over here to my website, and I'm not quite sure how to do that yet? They aren't cute little articles like this. They're either short stories or (like that D&D novelisation) full chapters of what will eventually be a book.

This might be the motivation I need, though. I've been struggling with how to get back into writing again and - while I've successfully managed to be nearly consistent here and actually consistent with the mental health blog (on my work website) - I really do need something to give me structure.

I recognise that New Friend might read this, and my silly brain is trying to make me all nervous about that. But I'm just going to lean into the awkwardness of that moment and say thanks, because you've once again been an incredibly supportive human simply by existing. You're such a champ.

Here's to hopefully getting back on track with proper writing. Onward!

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