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Elisabeth (Beth) Bellamy

For 20 years, Beth Bellamy’s relationship status with writing was “complicated.” An invisible dragon was stalking her and whispering lies. Winning local poetry contests and active involvement in writing groups clashed with Beth’s inability to believe her voice was worth hearing. Eight years as an English teacher and creative writing instructor allowed her to help others find their means of self-expression while she regularly hid her own work from others’ eyes. The dragon became relentless. After taking a 15-year detour away from writing and nearly stifling her soul in the process, Beth eventually decided to face down the dragon that stole her voice. That journey led her to both switch careers into the mental health field and to begin trusting in her own sense of self. Now a champion for spiritual healing and mental wellness through creativity, Beth’s current passion for writing is the satisfying reward for having fought and slain her own dragon.

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"Biology 1020: Diversity of Life"

Published January 31, 2021 in Issue 6 of 3 Moon Magazine
©2021 3 Moon Independent Publishing

A short story about evolution, anxiety attacks, and surviving a university education.
Read it now in Issue Six: Everything's Just Fine! of 3 Moon Magazine

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