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Beth's Unpublish and/or Unfinished Writings & Musings

Welcome to the official online library of Elisabeth Bellamy. This is where you'll find a collection of her unpublished works and works-in-progress. You're welcome to peruse, please link back and cite appropriately.

Writings/Musings: Welcome

The Training of a Kitten

It's really quite incredible how much effort cats put into training the young ones. Rigorous hours of practice. Gruelling tests of aptitude. Disciplined schooling of one's presented demeanor. And as each moment passes, these young ones dream the more vividly of the day when they are awarded the auspicious title of Master Spy.

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Writings/Musings: About
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Mostly Harmless: A Bard's Tale

A D&D Adventure

Internal political corruption has caused the young half-elf, Elbreth Liadon, to flee Carhouth with only her life and what she could carry. She now travels the wide world in search of powerful friends, trusting in the wisdom of her diplomatic uncle to help her regain control over her lost fiefdom. Desperate for the finances she needs to make her move, Elbreth makes friends with a party of traveling adventurers and agrees to help them with a series of small bounties. Unbeknownst to the innocent young woman, she has caught the lecherous eye of Orcus, demon lord of the undead, who will do everything he can to woo this innocent beauty and crown her as his consort.  Immortality. Power to command. Authority over life and death. Who could resist?

Writings/Musings: Latest Work
Woman with Futuristic Mask

Cyborg Gardens

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