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I don't have ADHD (originally written Oct 2, 2022)

I’ve been tested. I don’t have ADHD but both my brothers do, so there might be some learned behaviours.

Learned behaviours like going downstairs to swap over my laundry, taking down a box of fruit syrup mixers that need putting away, getting some meat from the freezer for tomorrow’s dinner, checking the basement fridge for extra cheese, finding some recycling to bring upstairs, getting to the top of the stairs with my frozen pork chops and flattened cardboard and suddenly remembering that I went down to do laundry, leaving the thawing meat and cardboard on the landing, going back down and swapping over the laundry, noticing that I also need to scoop the cat box, scooping the cat box and giving the floor a sweep, heading back up the stairs with a little stinky bag, deciding to put the bag out in the bin first before touching the frozen meat, putting the stinky bag outside in the bin, walking past the thawing pork chops to the kitchen sink, washing up, going back to the stairs, rescuing tomorrow’s dinner and the recycling, and then finally sitting down to decide what to do with my evening.

Also, I’ve learned that ADHD symptoms and trauma symptoms are difficult to differentiate between. So when, in my practice, I have a patient who presents with ADHD symptomology and trauma is a part of their history, I always treat the trauma first. If the ADHD-like symptoms decrease, then my belief is that it always was trauma. If the ADHD-like symptoms increase, then they have received some healing and are no longer stuck masking their beautiful neurodiversity.

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