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A little celebration

Looking after your mental health is such a fascinating journey. The more you heal, the more differently you relate to yourself.

This picture was early morning light on the way to work on a day where things just felt good. I've had more good days this fall than I have for many years, I think. I've had lots of "light at the end of the tunnel" days and several "relieved" days, but not very many that are just genuinely good. It's nice to see that clear evidence of things getting better.

Most of my life I've believed myself to be plain. Less-than-average looking. And while I've never cared overly much about my looks (I rarely bother with makeup and actually dislike dressing up much, I'm a farm girl at heart) I do enjoy looking nice.

Over the past 10 years I've slowly been coming to the realisation that I really like how I look.

Sometimes I actually believe that I'm pretty, and that's... a little overwhelming to acknowledge. Especially in front of people like this. So this post is me celebrating growth. 💜

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